Đánh giá tính an toàn của vắcxin Rubella sống, đông khô RA 27/3, HDC trên người Việt Nam

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    The clinical trial study of vaccin Rubella alive, freezed-dried RA 27/3, HDC was done on seventy healthy volunteers. The mean age of volunteers was 12 months to 45 years old (in Hanam province). The result showed that: after 30 minutes, at the injection place, 52.9% had pain; 22.9% had red rash; 1.4% was swelling. All above symptoms were at light level. There was’t body symptoms. The pulse, temperature, blood pressure were normal. The symptoms like pain, red crash, swelling disappeared after 4 days’injection. The follow-up period was 30 days, no serious side-effect was observed.

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