Steel Corrosion Map Of Vietnam

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    Steel Corrosion Map Of Vietnam

    Cole Ivan, Nguyễn Việt Huệ
    In the framework of International cooperation program Australia-Asia, the atmospheric corrosion of metals in five nations located in tropical zone: Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia was carried out. In this program, mild steel, zinc, copper were tested on the set of sites, representative for different climatic conditions: severe marine, marine, industrial, urban and rural, simultaneously with the collection of climatic parameters and pollutants. In addition to weight loss method, after testing, surface morphology of the samples were studied by FTIR, FESEM and SEM. Based on the data obtained in the Program and referred the data bank collected in the Vietnam National Projects, the modeling model was created and corrosion map of steel for Vietnam was constructed. The variation of data from map, to that derived with those from National Project is very low, in most cases, less than 2-3%.
    (Tạp chí Khoa học và Công Nghệ / Journal of Science and Technology ISSN: 0866 708X)

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